ScienTissiME  –  The Power of Knowledge

At ScienTissiME it is our goal to make knowledge more easily accessible to various audiences by assisting in the analysis and interpretation of scientific data and other forms of knowledge (such as Indigenous knowledge). The services offered include custom software for a variety of data processing needs, assistance in data/knowledge acquisition,  analysis, interpretation, and policy advice.

Our custom software packages are based on a modern graphical user interface, also called ScienTissiME, which provides the framework for exploring, editing, and plotting scientific data. Moreover, this platform also allows the user to set up and run entire data processing sequences, either interactively or fully automated. This way, lengthy and error-prone data analysis procedures are easily reduced to mere seconds.

Several standard toolboxes are available, from which tools can be selected and added to any data processing tool flow. In addition, we offer several specialty toolboxes for diverse fields of research, such as gamma spectroscopy, human kinetics, or semiconductor device modeling.

In fact, the strength of the ScienTissiME platform over other data analysis software is its ability to easily accommodate even the most specialized scientific data processing needs. Please contact us for more information on field-specific adaptations of ScienTissiME.